Reverb 10000 - Kindling

If you’ve got a spare electronic moment I invite you to have a listen. Ardour :+1: :metal:



I like the sounds/patches you’ve used! The snappy click of the Kick sample is cool. I would have liked to hear the kick and the bass patch integrated more tightly together, when that bass patch and the Kick hit together it’s a very good combo I think it would tighten up the whole arrangement if they were more integrated with each other…

I’m no EDM expert at all, but I think the rules for a good tight ‘rhythm section’ apply across all genres. A minor critique all in all, Great Job!

Thankyou, that’s very much appreciated. Sage advice there I think. Cheers! :+1: :metal:

What plug-in did you use for the drums?

and are you the painter?

Tyrell Nexus 6 by u-he

The patches are from ‘Mr Wobble’s Tyrell Patches’ which can be downloaded from


The pic was generated with an online art generator here: