Retroactive buffered recording

I would like to know if there’s a function to activate a buffer to my recordings, so once I press “record”, it start recording keeping the earlier “n” seconds i set up.
I’m actually working with an improvisation jazz bunch of musicians, I’m there with them in the room while they are playing, helping them being comfortable, properly set up and concentrated in just playing and creating.
Quite often when they reach the “moment” I’m busy doing and setting things somewhere far from my computer, so can happen I miss the beginning of their new creations.
I would like being able to be comfortable as well without the stress if I move I miss the recording.


No way currently, but I believe TimeMachine does this.


Nope. TimeMachine neither. It cannot forge data that have never been on the hard drive.

Um you sure about that?

I am referring to this software…

And that page pretty well says it does EXACTLY what you requested unless I misunderstood.

By the way I did think of a way you could do this with Ardour as well with a simple Pd patch. Write a simple patch in Pd that uses a write and delread IIRC and this could be done, just make sure you leave the full amount of time of the buffer before you STOP the recording.


Allright, I thought you were talking about the Apple Timemachine.
The JACK Timemachine support up to 8 tracks and quite often I do record more tracks. I’m not sure if there’s a Mac version of it.
If there’s, it should be compiled, and it’s a shame I’m not a programmer and I don’t have the idea of what “compile” means.


Yea a simple Pd patch in front of Ardour though could do it as well. Essentially you would be routing inputs into Pd, adding in a 10 second delay(Or however long you wanted) via Pd, and routing the outputs into Ardour for recording. Not a difficult patch at all really if you wanted to look into it.


fwiw, if you look into the source code of timemachine, all it takes to increase the maximum number of channels is to change a constant. i’ve been using timemachine to dump 16 channel ambisonics with this little modification, and given enough ram, you could probably do more.