Restored Tube Amp demo video

(Muadibas25) #1

Hey everyone,

I made this demo video showcasing the restoration of a Fender Vibrolux Reverb.

Site link:

Direct Youtube link:

The video was made entirely using Open Source software, the audio was recorded and edited in Ardour 5.2 and the video was stitched together in Cinelerra-CV.

Hardware used:
Shure SM57
Rode NT2-A
Focusrite Octopre Platinum

I hope you enjoy it!

Best Regards,
Klearchos a.k.a. muadib

(Apeterson) #2

Great stuff Mu!
Modern cameras and software are making it possible for everyone to create some amazing content. Let’s hear it for Ardour AND Cinelerra, and keep making more videos.
What did you use to create the animated open, with the roll of grille-cloth, the brushed anodized logo and the evil eyes? I’m going to guess Blender, but I’ll bet Im wrong.

(Muadibas25) #3

Thank you very much AP_in_DC!

The video and pics were shot with a Samsung S-IV actually (forgot to mention that in the creds), although I am seriously flirting with the idea of buying a Sony A7SII for a more professional feel.

The 3D were initially done in Lightwave 5 on an beefed up Amiga 1200 (yep I still use mine, check out Amiga Raytracing Society on FB for some 3D retro feel), as well as an emulated one for frame dumping. Lightwave 9 was also used on Winz since I wanted to play a bit with Radiosity and Caustics on the grille cloth. I eventually turned them off in the end.

No Blender yet, sorry, didn’t have the time to learn it yet…