Restore default key bindings

Hello there! I’m running Ardour on my Ubuntu laptop, and I’m afraid I’ve pretty much messed up my keybindings, trying to reconfigure those that are by default mapped to the keypad (non-existent on a laptop). Is there a way to restore the default keybindings without going through a list somewhere online and entering them all in manually? I can’t find anything like this in the manual. Google’s of no help either.

Thanks for your time and reply, whoever will help!

I think you have to delete the ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings (or move it , in case it doesn’t work !!) and then relaunch ardour2.

Thanks so much!

What does this mean?


I cannot find this file anywhere.

I’m on OSX 10.6.8, btw.

~ is a unix convention for “home directory/folder”. OS X is unix. Typically, it will translate to “/Users/”

For Ardour3, we use the OS X convention of ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour3/ instead of the ~/. that Ardour2 used.

thanks Paul.
I learned the “.” (dot) makes the file invisible.

That’s why I couldn’t find it.
I put it in the trash and the bindings are restored now.