Resources for learning production workflow?

Hi! I’ve been trying to use Ardour for a few months, and I have gained a pretty good understanding of how to accomplish specific tasks, but I am struggling with higher-level issues - workflow, organizing tracks and regions, signal chains, and so on.

Can anyone recommend books or online courses that will help me to understand the process of creating music with DAWs in general or Ardour in particular? Thanks!

@unfa here makes great tutorial videos. I am pretty good with Ardour but constantly learn new things from his videos and livestreams.

Thanks. I’ve watched some of Unfa’s videos, and I agree he does a great job of introducing various useful features. But having never used a DAW before, I feel I need more background on basic concepts to really make good use of the info he presents.

Like this?

Something like that, probably. Except I see the course description says “Using Ableton Live is the only way to really learn it …”

OTOH, now I see that one of the slides says “Any DAW will do.” So … what do you mean, Mr. Instructor? Which is it?! :wink: Guess I’ll have to investigate further.

Anyway, I’m running Linux, so I couldn’t use Ableton even if I wanted to. If this course doesn’t work out, something else non-DAW-specific would be good.

There are countless books written on the subject, and it’s also taught at various schools.

The concepts are pretty much identical regardless of the DAW. The workflow may be different, depending on the tool, but it is usually a personal preference anyway.

A hands approach is to get files and re-mix recordings of others. Search the web for “stems remix”. or “[free] multitracks to remix”, there are various online communities out there.

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