resizing editor strip on the left

Is it possible to get rid of the automated resizing editor on the left?
Don’t know, why its resizing. Its not the name lenght is all I know.

Did a short video. Maybe it helps:

Maybe its because of mono and stereo? But where is the sense of it?

the strip on the left can display the currently selected track, which may have 1 output or 40 outputs. what do you propose we do other than to automatically resize it?

Uhm, set it to a fixed width maybe? This hopping Arranger is more annoying than missing some visible ouputs…the other DAWs which has this feature fixed it and its aweseome feature I used a lot.
But its just my opinion.

Those other DAWs don’t support a 40 channel output. Fixed width for 1 or 2 outputs might be a useful thing to do, but it can’t be used as a general way of doing this. Even for ambisonics or even just 5.1 or 10.2 surround sound, the width of the meters more or less requires the use of a wider channel strip.

I understand your point.
But maybe you fan fix it for the common mono and stereo outputs? That would be great. :slight_smile: