requires an izotope sn

I have just downloaded ardour and all the drivers required. It will now try to install however it asks me for a izotope registration and serial number which I do not have. It claims I may go on but until registered it will merely be in demo mode. Is this refferring to the izotope plugin or ardour itself?

Izotope Plugin. Specifically seems like you have a demo installed on your computer that is past the date.


so how do i fix the issue?

find the plug-in and delete it from your system…

firstly, you can check to see if the installer (if you still have it) has an uninstall option…

otherwise, audio plug-ins are generally installed in your


folder… in that you will find a folder called Components (which is where Audio Units live), and also a folder called VST… delete the demo iZotope plugs that you find in those folders…