Required Additional Libraries for Ardour 3 ?


I’m kinda gettin’ itchy to try Ardour 3, I was wondering if any of you brave souls who’ve already gone there could give me a heads up to what additional -dev libs are required over and above the normal ones for Ardour 2 (which I’ve probably built 100 times or so).

I’m using Debian stable with some Squeeze packages (AV Linux 2.0)

Also I don’t know if anyone has encountered this but I updated scons to 1.2 and tried an Ardour 2 build and got a lot of interesting sconscript errors, I rolled back to the Debian Stable version (1.0 I think) and the same build went flawlessly. Is this something the Ardour devs are aware of? It looks like scons has changed the play book in this latest version.

Thanks -GLEN

I just tried compiling it and spit me some error about freesound, maybe because i did a FREESOUND=1 will try again without it and see what happens.

Good Luck!

Well I did try compiling again without FREESOUND and still had some errors and it halted. At the moment I am having big issues with my machine. I’m going to have to build a new one probably with quadcore now and 4-8 GB RAM and a nicer Video card.

This one suffered an intense power surge (not rare here in Mexico) and my UPS was failing already so it wasn’t able to protect this machine at 100% so my video card blew up on me and for my horror I have VIA chipset, so RT Kernel is now an impossibility for me. This is all part of why I was asking this question in this other post about exporting sessions in ardour in non RT-kernel, it just hangs.
And this is something I noticed way back before my pc problems occured.

Anyway, it’s about time to upgrade to something faster since my main work is 3D illustration and CAD and crap like that, and I’m always using virtual machines and background servers for a lot of web testing. But I still wanted to ask, do you or anyone else here think I’ll might run into some type of trouble setting up my audio system with such high end machine? It will be for sure 32 bit still since I do use some nice VST plugins. Will probably install 2 linuxes on it , one will be 64 for all my work, and so that it uses my 8 GB RAM and a 32 for audio production so VST is supported.

Once I have my new PC running I’ll give ardour3 another shot and see what happens, I did succesfully compile it about 2 months ago, but it was really buggy.

OOPS! Colour me Stupid!

I didn’t see the Ardour 3.0 addendum on the how to build page, it wasn’t there last time I checked, Sorry!

Thanks Joe,

I’ll give it a go later this weekend.

What are your impressions of it? I know by reading some posts that quite a few users have tried it… why doesn’t anyone talk about how well it works of how close it is to being useable?

This is something I don’t get about our forum here, a couple of weeks ago I put up a couple of -rt Debian kernels with features users had been discussing, I specifically asked for feedback - not so I got some sort of recognition but to actually determine if they were useful or not, In my web stats I see the files have been accessed a few hundred times yet not one peep of feedback…? This is the only forum I mentioned the Kernels in.

It’s really not a big deal but I do think it would be better for users and devs if people (myself included) especially advanced users were a little more forthcoming with any relevant info not just complaints or issues. I’m sure Paul wouldn’t mind seeing more “it’s so cool how Ardour can do this” kind of posts.

Anyway perhaps it’s just my mood on a rainy Saturday AM on a holiday weekend :frowning:

You would not believe it, but there is a performance boost while using RT kernel, besides you can change the order of your interfaces within it with the RTIRQ script, so it’s not so much about latency, but also performance.

In my case exporting has absolutely no issues in RT kernel, at the moment I can’t use it anymore, so exporting from ardour with a generic kernel is almost impossible.

I have newer gotten around rt-kernels working properly in ubuntu. I’m why so many people rely on these. I mean, even windows does not have an rt-kernel and the same is true for me in linux. The rt-kernel is not needed to get low latency or enable the Realtime checkbox in jack. Just follow the jack faq.


Wow that’s a bummer about your machine and the power surge, OTOH it’ll be nice to see what a quad can do, especially for your line of work,

thanks for sharing the info re: Ardour 3, I popped over to IRC yesterday to get the scoop and apparently it’s currently at a stage where opening a session causes a seg fault…so I don’t think it’s anywhere near prime-time yet.

A few comments from Paul here and there made me wonder if it was close to beta status but apparently it is as they (the devs) described it in a “pre-alpha state”

As far as the whole -rt thing it really depends on your workflow and signal path. a key ingredient certainly is hacking PAM for Realtime whether your Kernel is -rt or not. Certainly both scenarios can work,