Requesting help on mapping combo key commands on Launch Control XL


I just bought a Launch Control XL yesterday and I’m trying to map the controls to Ardour functions now.

On the Launch Control, there are buttons for “Mute”, “Solo” and “Record Arm”, which according to how it’s supposed to be used in Ableton, we would tap on the “Mute” button first and then we would select which track we want to mute (from a row of buttons representing each track).

However, I can’t figure out how to map this discrete combination to Ardour. If I were to Ctrl-middle click on the mute button on a track and tap on the “Mute” button, it immediately maps the “Mute” button the mute that track, which is not the desired result. The “Mute” button doesn’t act as a modifier key either, i.e. I cannot hold it down and select the track while held down.

Does anyone have any idea on how to accomplish this? Thanks.


Short version, if I am understanding and guessing at what happens on a technical level correctly, is that you can’t.

This means if the Launch Control depends on the software to map the mute to the appropriate track, that software has to be written custom for that, and there is no code in Ardour I know of to support that specific functionality. If the Launch Control can internally determine which track to mute and send an appropriate signal based off that as opposed to a generic signal for MUTE that the software has to determine which track it goes to, then it may be possible, but i don’t think that is what is happening here based off your description.

You could map the two buttons below each fader as MUTE and SOLO, or REC ARM, or whatever and that would be handled correctly by Ardour. Then you would use the generic MUTE, SOLO, REC ARM buttons as other more global functions instead of track specific.


Waiting to be told he is wrong and he missed some functionality somewhere:)

seablade is correct. ardour does not have any bindings that mean “do X to the currently selected track(s)”. maybe it should but it does not.

however, you can bind to a bank-relative track ID (i.e. the first track in the current bank) and you could make the bank size be 1, and then use some other key to move from bank to bank (which will really mean track to track).