Request Recording!

Good day everybody,

I have an important question for you that is still unclear to me.
What is such a recording good for? Paul . . You are the programmer of this
wonderful DAW. I can’t find an explanation for this situation anywhere.
Check out the photo.

Your case of recording the same 2 channels is just redundant. However if you have a surround microphone or ambisonic or some other VR source, it is handy to have all channels on a single track.

5th order ambisonics would be 51 channels for example.

Would that be a step forward if you could split this recording into mono or stereo channels afterwards? So you could edit each channel separately afterwards. Is this a good idea?

Region > Edit > Make Mono regions.
The regions are then available from the region-list in the sidebar.

There is also a Lua script that splits channels, directly creates new tracks and adds the regions, but that’s currently only for “Stereo to [two] Mono” Tracks.

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Thank you Robin! I will experiment.

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