Request for help testing before 6.7 release

Please forgive me if the question is not welcome, and if it is I will delete it.

Is there any roadmap for version 7.0 or will you start thinking about it after 6.7 release?

Mostly stuff that didn’t happen from 5.x → 6.0 and was postponed to 7.0

For the sake of my understanding…
“aplay -l” lists H2n as card 1 and R24 as card 2.
This makes both devices available, but in1 and in2 are the H2n ports, in3 … in10 are the R24 ports. The order of the devices in ARDOUR_ALSA_EXT does not matter?
Also, the (input) device chosen in the Audio/MIDI setup, does it matter?

Not sure if this has been reported by others. split/separate isn’t working for me in a project. On latest nightly.


Please tell me this isn’t in 6.7… :thinking:

Edit point is set to “marker” and there’s no marker crossing the selected regions.

Oo that was an easy fix, thanks! Is marker the default setting because I don’t remember ever playing with that control.

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