I have a track with keyboard and another track with bass.
When i click the loudspeaker symbol, and then click on one of the tracks, the recorded sound plays fine.

However, when i click the green play triangle to listen to both tracks - nothing happens but silence.

I have looked through the manual - to no avail.

I should be thankful to receive your help.

thanks in advance …


lots of ways to get it wrong and not hear anything. Tracks muted? another track solo’d? most likely: not connected to the output.

in simple cases you want your recorded tracks’ outputs connected to the master track’s input, and the master’s output to the system’s physical output.

use qjackctl to do the connecting or do it through ardour, by clicking the “out” and “in” buttons ion the mixer strips.

It’s all explained in the maual.

Thanks Seb for your reply.

Well, I´ll have to read the manual more carefully. Just wondered if i was missing something obvious.

Thanks again.

So -once again, the last resort (reading the manual) did the trick.
Made my first recording with Ardour in JAD1.0. Got the inputs and outputs right in qjackctl as suggested.
This is really fantastic, it is unbelievable what you can do with just a qwerty keyboard and the build in synthesizers and drum machines.

A salute to all you brave people who made this possible!