replacing silence

I am looking to replace portions of a particular track with sections of silence

IE. Phone recording of interview and dead air sounds terrible. replace it with nothing

theres 2 ways you could, simply just cut the tracks up to remove audio where the there is no speach, i regularly do this in recordings to clean them up in parts where there is no performance, its like manual gating. or you can use gain or fader autiomation which makes it sound a bit smoother.

Or as LeatusPenguin said, strip silence

ok 2 things… first when i select a region i all my options are grayed out under “region”. do i need to enable an edit mode?

also… i do a lot of moving around of the tracks so cutting the chunks out doesn’t really work well. the fader automation is what i think i may try but the work flow for me is not all that intuitive. I have been using Nuendo for so long it kind of feels kind of backward. Any advice on muting a selected area on the automation envelope?

befunk: there are many ways to control gain in Ardour. Too many in fact. Fader automation is one of them. There are also per-region gain envelopes which are hidden+inactive by default but that can be activated from the region context menu.

I am not sure why am having this much trouble.

all I want to do is take a track ,and with out cutting it up, flatten sections of the wave form to take out the background noise. I am obviously missing something. When i highlight a section of the track all the options under Region are ghosted.

Been Playing with the fader automation and I am not sure its going to work with the amount of, and time frame of, my work load.

This is the one feature I really want/need to figure out because I absolutely love this software

befunk: this is not 100% accurate for Ardour3 (it was written for Ardour2) but it might give some basic ideas: