... reordering tracks? ... connection snapshots?... fixed time recording?

Hi People!

Ardour2 is gettin’ quite nice :^) just trying it for a new mix project instead of my “old” faithful 0.99.3 …
While doin’ and redoin’ and once again redesignin’ my bus/track setups I came into some doubts …

a)Is there any way to reorder tracks/buses in edit view mode? I mean … say I’ve just added tracks 1 to 16, a couple of FX buses and, for instance I’d really like to swap (in view) the first track with the first bus in order to group stuff visually for better understanding … obviously I’ve setup an horrendously complicated signal path with lots o’ plugins so I don’t really want to delete the tracks/buses to recreate them In the order it suits me the best.

b)Can I record for a fixed time amount? I had to loopback record some tracks for a project that I got from cubaseSX … 4 channels of NOT ALIGNED stuff in several takes that I had to manually align with blood, sweat and tears … is there anyway to tell ardour to record for just an hour and 15 minutes for instance and then autostop? (on the sake to take an aspirin and a nice nap while ardour records unattended?)

c) Connection snapshots? Is there or will they ever be someway to record connections snapshots? Think that you decided that you’ll be ok with 32 track x 8 buses + master … but you’d like to try out several signal paths or perhaps some connection settings suit better for say doin’ some particular monitor submix for a particular take while for some other you should really use another signal flow …but without goin’ through reassigning tracks/buses in/outs 32x8 times again? It would be nice to recreate in some way the behavior o’ old classy Mackies where you can assign a track to a group bus with a single key touch … If a thing like that could be even automated that would be gruesome!

… well, thisi is, get on with the good job folks!


“… sweet spot? yeah right, an hour to setup mikes, cables, amps & DAW just in time to hit record when people start playin’ … that ain’t no sweet”

Answers …

a) drag-n-drop in the track/bus tab over on the right

b) drag in the range ruler, select “set auto-punch range” when done, engage auto-punch-out (and punch-in if you wish), engage relevant per-track rec-enables then global rec-enable, then roll

c) ardour 0.99.3 has a concept called “connections” which are predefined i/o setups. they show up in the menu you see when you click on “input” or “output” in the mixer strip. ardour2 currently only has predefined connections in the menu and no way to add new ones. we want to rework the GUI used to define them before we do that.

Oh great!I knew there should be someway to do it all (or almost). Thanks 4 the quick answers! … I was thinking on the connections stuff, that might be solved for a while from qjackctl with its patches but it would be a useful feature (with automation and MIDI control) from ardour.

Any news on send automations?

Hope ardour2 got stable enough to work in this new mix, tried an svn snapshot a month ago and couldn’t even get to import audio data (it crashed rather often), now at least I got that ok … even if it’s not stable enough, great rework!



I am Ardour 2.4-1 user running on Mac OS X.

I don’t manage to reorder tracks by simply drag-and-drop tracks in the track/bus tab.

When I drag a track it appears written as mirrored and I can move it. But I can’t set it where I want.

Is it normal ? Do I miss something ?

Thanks for help,