renewing subscription

Hi Paul & Team

I was busy these last weeks end forget to renew the subscription at paypal. Can’t find where to do that on the (new and very nice ;)) site.

Could you help me please, have read :
and it appears somebody have to do something so the paypal thing works ?

Thanks !

As described at http://community/ you must visit PayPal to manage subscriptions. The only action possible from here is starting a new subscription. If your existing subscroption has ended, just start a new one - there is no difference and it makes things simpler.

Hum, it could be me, but have passed a while on the paypal site, and the only thing found was something like"first you have to access to the site that initiate the payment…"
On the other hand, “my account” at Ardour says “already subscribed” so I can’t start a new one, and unsubscribed button leads to paypal where I can’t unsubscribe, because it ended…

Well, sometimes you have so many adventures on www !!

Could you please init the “Ardour Financial Support” subscribe button on the Ardour site for me, Paul ?