Renegators - Million Miles

We recorded some demo’s and actually finished one song. Tracking and mixing done on Ardour!

Thanks for the comments and advice on vocal eq. I’ll look into it more on future projects…

Hello fellow Finns :slight_smile:

A very nice and moody song, thanks for sharing.

One thing that could be little better in the mix is the frequency range of the vocals. I guess the vocals are supposed to merge with the sound of the guitar, because of the style of the song, but now vocals and guitar reside too much on the same frequency range making vocals a little bit muddy. It might help to just attenuate the low frequencies of the vocals a little.

By the way the song has good “earworm” quality, it continues to play in my head just after listening to it once. That is always a sign that the song has that special something :slight_smile:

Nice stuff guys.

I thought I was the one and only Ardour user in Jyväskylä.

hi, i have a listen your song,nice mix and instruments. :slight_smile: