renaming regions

Sorry about this: completely new to Ardour.
Recording (stereo) into ardour via jack on ubuntu studio.
All working well. I record some sounds then remove the file then record again. (So I have audio1-1, audio1-2 etc. in the region list) I’d like to rename them. I can do this (but ardour often needs a restart and then I’m only renaming the instance, not the actual hard file). And whilst I think I’m recording stereo files I’m actually splitting my files into mono (which is going to be a pain if I then want to use them in pd). Don’t get me wrong, Ardour’s great but I’ve just hit a point where I can’t work like I used to. Would like to see SR and bit depth somewhere in the future on a ‘get info’ for recorded files please. I’m sure most of this is just a ctrl+shift right click away but I can’t find it. Thanks.A.

we don’t encourage users to have direct access to files that ardour creates itself. if you understand unix shell tools, you can find and rename them easily, and in so doing, you will break your ardour session. i don’t consider there to be any good reason for the files corresponding to regions to be exposed in much detail - in the future, there will not even be a 1:1 correspondence (and in fact, regions in stereo tracks, as you have discovered, are already not 1:1; ardour always records data in mono files, no exceptions).

if you want access to other file formats, and files stored in different locations then you should export them (Session->Export). Ardour is not designed as a “simple recording engine”, and although expert users will find creative ways to use its native files outside the program, beginning users should probably consider them a hidden, inaccessible resource within a session.