Renaming Region may not update in Sources List

I was trying to create MIDI clips to use with the CUE Tracks. It is a PITA to find them in the sources list because after they are renamed, the name in the sources list may or may not update.

WORKED: Renaming region “Bass Snare” showed up in Sources

DIDN’T WORK: Renaming Region “Junk MIDI” did not populate name change in Sources.

Closing and reopening the project did not fix it.

Is this a known issue? Or is there something else going?

Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS
Ardour 8.1 downloaded from here.

EDIT : Also confirmed with AV linux

I was unable to change the name because the regions I were trying to rename were only a part of the original take. If I rename the original take, it will allow the renaming in the sources list. This still gets really messy when trying to create MIDI or Audio clips to throw into the CUE tracks.

For example, you can see that Test Cue, when dragged to a Cue track, took on the name of the parent region (Take11GnrMD, aka , the filename of the source file as well)
and the Cue track was given the name of the clip source. This just makes a mess of any way to keep track of what the CUE track actually is.

I am thinking a feature request, but I would like some ideas as well. I know I could go and likely rename the MIDI file, but that seems to excessive for making CUE tracks within Ardour.

Maybe a right-click option of something like “Make region independent and rename” so that is does not rely on the parent source ? This would allow it to be dragged into a CUE and retain the intended name. I know that there is likely a better way to phrase that menu option.

Or an option in the CUE page to ‘Make CUE Region independent’ when it is dragged, then the name can be changed on the CUE track itself.

Maybe there is already something in the works as well to clean this up.

The workflow for making CUE regions within Ardour itself could use some smoothing out.

Any ideas ? Thoughts ? ?

Instead of trying to rename the sources or regions, which showed the parent audio / midi source file file name in the cue track, the desired clip can be bounced with or without processing and renamed at that time.

This made for a much cleaner workflow concerning the names in the Cue Tracks and the Cue Clips. Is it OK to add a notification somewhere on this page in the manual ?

I have submitted a pull request:
Pull Request

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