Rename sources in sources-list has gone missing since update

After updating my Ardour to the latest version (7.3.0) I can not rename sources in the source list under Linux anymore. Can that function please come back, as it is a massive help when working with large audio projects?

I’m talking about the field to the far left in this image. The only option I get now, is to remove the source. Being able to again (like I have done in this project that the image is from) double-click and type a new name, would be greatly appreciated.

So @x42 helped me with a bug report about this, and kindly explained that this is an intentional change to make click+drag from source list more easy. Just putting this here in case anyone else encounters this issue :slight_smile:

The suggestion made was to alt+rightClick instead, but while this is working under Windows, my KDE desktop has some overriding OS key-combination that instead activates the “move window around”-function. Suggestion was to try with the Win-key, but I can’t figure out how to make it work.

Does anybody know how to override OS keycombinations for Ardour under a KDE desktop (Triskel GNU/Linux) ?

I think the correct combination for Ardour 7.3 is Alt+LeftClick. BTW, I wonder why there is no rename option in the sources list context menu (only "Remove the selected Sources)? Should come in handy.

Yeah, assigning such a common shortcut to an action in WM is not the best idea if you ask me. Not sure if it is Plasma default or some distros just doing it on their own, though.

You cannot override just a single keyboard/mouse action for a given application in Plasma, as far as I know. You can, however, create a Window Rule just for Ardour and force property named “ignore global shortcucts” which will do the trick. But by doing this you are losing all global shortcuts, including Alt+Tab etc. for a given window. I don’t like this.

For me, the best and simplest solution is to change this damn combination globally once and for all. Just open the System Settings, choose “Window Behavior” and click the “Window Actions” tab. In “Inner Window, Titlebar and Frame Actions” change “Modifer key” to something less intrusive (like Meta). Or do something similar depending on your Plasma Desktop version.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I agree, adding it as another right-click option so “remove selected sources” isn’t the only one, would be great and would also solve the window-rule issue once and for all.

I don’t mind that actually, but I haven’t figured out how to do it quite yet. I found a description for doing something similar in blender, but I must have gotten something wrong when translating it to Ardour, because it still doesn’t work. - I followed this instruction: kde - How do I disable global keyboard shortcuts for a specific application? - Ask Ubuntu - tried writing “ardour” and “ardour7” in place of “blender”, but no luck.

Tonight I will try the other approach, you describe.

Looks like a decent candidate for the feature request then. :slight_smile:

Yes, this should work. If not, I guess the window properties are set wrong in your case. Just did a small test for you. Please take a look at this screenshot:

This actually works for Ardour 7.3 (downloaded from and Plasma 5.20 on my Debian/Bullseye. Just create a new rule, choose “Detect Window Properties” and click on Ardour window. The guessed values should be shown. Now choose most generic one. In my case it was “Windows class (application)” which matches just “ardour” string (see underscored part). Don’t forget to select “Force” and check “Yes” near “Ignore global shortcuts”. Clicking “Apply” enables the rule immediately.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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It did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Finally I can get on with my work! :smiley:

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