Removing chatter from a rehearsal recording

I have a recording of a rehearsal, I want to get rid of the chatter between songs and make a CD of just the music. Here is what I am doing to do that.

  1. Create a Range of the chatter
  2. Select All in Range
  3. Select Range
  4. Cut (what is the difference between delete and cut?)
  5. Remove the Range created in 1
  6. Repeat for every in chatter session!

I’m not sure why CUT doesn’t remove the time in between. Seems like Delete could remove the sound and leave the timeline intact, and Cut could remove it and the time…

How do I do this simply and quickly…

Also, I already created Ranges for each of the songs, however when I move the song material along the timeline, the Range does not move with it, so I have to move it separately. This seems like it ought to be simple…

switch into “Splice” editing mode. this will remove all spaces in a track. of course, it won’t work if there are other spaces that you wish to keep, in which case you should file a feature request.

That did the trick for cut, but I’m still having to create those ranges that then have to be purged. Anyway around that?