Removing a timeline span


i am editing a 10 channel session, and i need to shorten some parts, that is i want to remove a certain time span from all tracks

(so that the stuff right to my selection matches up with the stuff to the left, no gap), and then i would like to add a cross-fade at the cutting position.

intuitively, i use the range tool, make a range, select all tracks, select “splice” edit mode, and choose cut. but this merely removes the regions and leaves the spot silent, as if i were in “slide” mode.

this is with ardour 2.8.11 on os x 10.6.

thanks a lot!

best, -sciss-

and if i cut normally, and move the right regions back, none of the automation data moves along, so it gets all screwed up. how do i get the (fader) automation data to move with the regions?

thanks again, -sciss-

@sciss: ardour doesn’t have a tool for this, alas. you probably should not use splice edit mode. the simplest technique (and yeah, its not simple enough) is as follows:

  • to make things easy, ensure that the edit point is set to "Playhead"
  • ctrl-shift-click on any track header to select all tracks
  • select the range, type ctrl-x to delete it.
  • right click on track, choose Select -> Select all after <something appropriate>
  • use the arrow keys to put the playhead at the end of the left-most region(s)
  • press "a" to align all selected regions with the edit point (playhead) (or use right click -> Edit -> Align)

There only 3 extra steps there, and they do offer some real flexibility, so hopefully this is not too obnoxious.

@sciss: ardour2 does not support moving automation with regions. this was a conscious design choice, not something that was omitted, but it has been reversed in ardour3.

hi paul, thanks for your fast responses! regarding the second question, i guess i can work around using region gain automation instead of fader automation?


Only for gain, yes. But for any other types of automation no.