remove video from project


where is the files pool in ardour? In cubase there was a files pool where i was able to see all the projects files, then i was able to delete files i didnt need etc.

Currently I am stucked with one video track where video file is no more on my HDD and I cannot find a way to delete it from the project. It always keeps saying on startup:

[WARNING]: Parsing video file info failed. Is the Video Server running? Is the file readable by the Video Server? Does the docroot match? Is it a video file?

The reference to that video file should be removed from the project, but how!?


Is there a problem with using “Session > Remove Video” ?

ah, that way, alright, thanks!
was so used to cubase file pool ideology that was blindfolded i guess :slight_smile:

and what about audio files? any way i can see all of them in one list from Ardour?

We don’t have a pool concept in Ardour. You are not intended to be manipulating the project at the file level, because files are just an artifact of the way computers work rather than the task at hand.

Of course, you could always use your desktop file manager to open /path/to/session/NAME/interchange/NAME/audiofiles and there you will see a complete list.

The region list at the left of the editor window (you may have it hidden … use View > Show Editor Lists to reveal it) shows all regions in the session, and this is the level you should really be working at almost all the time. The region list has many flaws, unfortunately.