Remove Time on all tracks at once?

Checking out Ardor as an alternative to ableton for our multitrack podcast recording and editing. It seems amazing so far! Is there any way to cut time across every track when only selecting time in on track?
maybe it could be scripted or automated to use the timestamps to cut audio on the other tracks too?
when we have 8 tracks, it’s really hard to cut an “ummm” out of track 2 by selecting the time across all 8 tracks, especially because i like to zoom the waveforms in to be able to visually slice and dice.
this is the only thing that we’d need to make it our go-to tool

Yes, you can.
In Ardour 4 you select your cut region and then Ctrl-click all the other tracks to the left of the waveform display to extend the cut area vertically.
In Ardour 5 you can also click the vertical “Tracks & Busses” tab to the right of the waveform display, select the tracks and then do the edit.

You can make the selection across tracks happen automatically by adding the tracks to a group (with ‘Selection’ enabled):

Depending on your workflow, you might also find that the ‘Ripple’ edit mode works for you as an alternative to ‘Remove time’:

awesome, thanks so much for the tips!