Remove time feature

I noticed in one of the recent updates (4.1?) we gained the ability to remove time. I can’t find this documented.

How do we use this feature? (I’ve just installed 4.2 so I’ll be using that from now on unless I find any major issues with it)

I think I would find this very useful. We recently did a huge guitar/bass/drums tracking session for about 8 songs. There are loads of overdubs and punch ins etc. Which has lead to a massive project that I want to trim down to a set of individual songs. I would normally just export stems and start from there, but I haven’t got time to critically edit all the parts before we start recording brass so I want to keep all the regions and playlists intact if possible. If you have any advice of a different/batter way to do this, I’d also appreciate that too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a hint would be fine, which menu should I look in. I’ve drawn a blank.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Perfect, can’t believe I couldn’t find that.

(note it only works in Slide or Ripple edit mode, not lock)

Thank you :slight_smile: