Remove all markers?

Hello fellow Ardourites is there an easy way I can delete all markers in a project? I somehow have 253 of them. Thanks in advance.


You can remove all Location and CD markers, except Start and End, by right-clicking in the Location Markers strip and selecting “Clear all locations”.
Do the same in the Range Marker strip to clear ranges

Perfect! Thank you so much, Peder.

FYI, unless you actually added 253 markers on purpose, those are likely x-run markers. If you don’t want those markers to appear each time you record something, you can turn off the option to insert markers at x-run locations in the Preferences. On the other hand, if you got 253 x-runs you might want to take a look at your buffer settings. :wink:

Oh no, its just because I often accidentally press the TAB key when I want CTRL.

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Might be time to change your shortcut, perhaps CTRL+Tab :slight_smile:

Ahhhh good idea, thanks

Alternatively, “Edit | Preferences | Editor | General | Prompt for new marker names” might help - it’ll pop up a dialogue immediately on adding a new marker, where you can type a name for the marker, or Cancel if you decide you don’t want the marker after all.

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