Remote sync for encoders

Hello Ardour-Community,

another question about midi control. I have a diy controller which has the ability to “remote sync”. It is a simple controller which i have configured to send continuous 7-bit cc’s, but it can also pitchbend, nrprn etc. .(If you are interested, it is based on a board called “opendeck” from shanteacontrols: Shantea Controls • Easy Way To Build MIDI controllers ).

It is 32 rotary encoders organized in 10 Presets, aka 10 different midi channels, controlling different plugins in 10 channel strips.

My questions is this: can Ardour send the “status” of each control position from the plugins to my controller or are “enable feedback / motorized” my only options in generic mode?
Thanks for listening

Only the latter.

If you need more control you would need to either (a) make your device support Mackie Control Protocol (widely used by MIDI control surfaces) or (b) implement custom control surface support in C++.

Then i will try something in MCP.

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