remote??? iphone/ipod touch/ other

it would be nice to use an iphone/ipod touch or other (any alternative devices w/multitouch?) to remote control the mixer in ardour.
i guess it is possible when they talk to max msp and the like…
via osc?

anyone working with it?

king regards

ardour already supports OSC, so this adaptation should be fairly easy. i have an ipod touch too, but i have not had time to get into the whole jailbreaking issue. anybody who is interested in doing this will get plenty of support from me.

i was interested by this sort of thing too. but the osc does not permit too much things, the support is to “light” :slight_smile:
i did wrote a little proggy in python running on my n800 that was doing play/stop/rewind and other stuff. i just let it down when i bought my bcf2000

svn for 2.0-ongoing now features full OSC access to every menu item in the ardour GUI, and we are working on adding gain control etc. Thats the kind of thing I meant when I said it would get plenty of support from me.

This topic is a few years old, but seems like a good one to revive. In short, I am interested in coding an ardour remote for iOS. Paul, when you say jailbreaking issue, what exactly do you mean? Is there some sort of restriction that prevents iDevices from sending OSC to the Ardour host?

Project-wise I’d probably set something up on github for code hosting. No ideas this way for “Name of App”. I certainly wouldn’t want to use the Ardour name without prior permission.

I don’t remember what I meant by that comment from 6-1/2 years ago. I did install TouchOSC and Hexter on my iPod Touch. Didn’t use them much. There is already an OSC control app for ardour on android, called ardroid. its code is within the old ardour svn repository. At this time, such efforts are not likely to get much support from me, not because I have any problem with them, but I am just too busy.

I was just researching this a bit this morning. IIUC to get apps into the iOS store you have to develop on OSX. You can run a VM or install Xcode on other platforms and develop iOS apps but they can only be installed on jailbroken devices.

I might be wrong but I think that could be all he meant.

@axetota. Sorry for spelling your name wrong in that post. :confused:

Ah ok. I suppose I’ll just get the ball rolling then somewhere on github if that is ok with everyone. My LLC is registered in the developer program, so officially publishing in the iOS store is no biggie when it gets to that point.