remote control setup (i.e. DM-3200)

i’m currently evaluating ardour for professional audio work, and am testing a lot of possible setups.
one would be to get a Tascam DM-3200 running as remote control for ardour.
i’m pretty familiar with the desk but not with the required settings in ardour.
although i’m pretty sure that it’s possible to link them two.
i’m using Ardour 2.3.1. with JackOSX (can’t get QJackCtl running).
any advice highly appreciated…
thank you

what type of control are you looking for?

it’d be nice if i could control
-the fader-automation and access the different automation-modes on the strips,
-the transport via the transport-buttons on the desk,
-the record-enables,
and see the timecode on the mixer’s dedicated led-display.
i know that’s a lot, but hands-on-mixing would become really effective…
seems like i have to get qjackctl running for midi-support first…?
i think the dm-3200 utilizes 6 usb-midi-ports for automation etc.;9,9,37,19.html, doc. nr. 5

you don’t need qjackctl

you need Pete Yandell’s (free, excellent, donation-worthy) MIDI Patchbay, mentioned on somewhere on our OS X system requirements pages.

you have a choice between using MMC, or a combination of MMC for transport and regular MIDI CC’s for other stuff. Section 10.1 of the manual will be relevant for that case, even though its a different device. If you only use MMC (not sure the DM3200 can send MMC for everything), stuff should basically work out of the box once you go to Options and enable “use MMC” (it might be called “MMC Control”). if you want ardour to control the DM3200 as well, enable “Send MMC” too.

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