Remote Control of Ardour

After a few years of downtime and using a previous version of an android ardour remote control app, I finally started the search again for control of ardour after the update to version 5 broke it. Yup, quite some time ago.

I tried the direct web access which is kinda cool but not what I was looking for.

I tried a Behringer X-Touch One which is great! And inexpensive. A learning curve but afterwords I was very happy. Until I discovered open-stage-control which most of you here are familiar with.

I almost gave up as downloading the .json file would always be corrupt for some reason. To get it working I copied the text file and pasted into a new document on my linux mint distro. Success!

Using open stage control on my tablet works great, looks good, easy to operate are just a few of the reasons to give it a try. The X-Touch required a very long usb cable whereas on my charged tablet I could say “look ma, no wires”. If you need remote access, which I do when recording guitars or vocals and I’m nowhere near the computer, most likely you already have a tablet or cell phone. Which beats the price of buying the X-Touch.

Here’s what works for me: KannebTo/ardour_recording_control: a remote control for Ardour DAW based on Open Stage Control - ardour_recording_control -

I followed the instructions on the website above and was able to remote control all the features I needed for basic recording until I was back in front of the software.

Here’s a song I mostly mixed in ardour awhile back. Some tracks were copied over from an adat directly into ardour while other tracks were done the old fashion way (smile)

From my progrock band U.R.ONE: (not sure if this will work from rumble or not)

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