Remote Control of Ardour with Perl/OSC

(Paul Davis) #1

Jonathan Stowe wrote a Perl module to allow remote control of Ardour with Perl via OSC. At present, OSC control is limited to transport and per-track solo/mute/rec-enable operations. Hopefully with this module there to make testing and development of a remote control application easier, OSC control can be expanded in interesting ways.

(Francesco Talotta) #2


now OSC have much more commands!

Is there anyone capable to tell me how to implement other OSC controls in this module? (I never used perl)



(Mail) #3

I’m new to Perl but I think you can replace the big switch/case in with a variable function call:

while( my $key = $lirc->next_code ){

If that works, it takes out the one-to-one mapping of remote buttons to OSC controls and you’ll be able to enable any Ardour OSC control simply by adding another begin/end entry in the remote’s lirc conf file.

If you’re on gentoo, I’m preparing an ebuild which should be ready in a few days.