Remote Control of Ardour with Perl/OSC

Jonathan Stowe wrote a Perl module to allow remote control of Ardour with Perl via OSC. At present, OSC control is limited to transport and per-track solo/mute/rec-enable operations. Hopefully with this module there to make testing and development of a remote control application easier, OSC control can be expanded in interesting ways.


now OSC have much more commands!

Is there anyone capable to tell me how to implement other OSC controls in this module? (I never used perl)



I’m new to Perl but I think you can replace the big switch/case in with a variable function call:

while( my $key = $lirc->next_code ){

If that works, it takes out the one-to-one mapping of remote buttons to OSC controls and you’ll be able to enable any Ardour OSC control simply by adding another begin/end entry in the remote’s lirc conf file.

If you’re on gentoo, I’m preparing an ebuild which should be ready in a few days.