Remix entry made with Ardour (a story of restoration)

(Temporary Resident) #1

Hello! I made this little remix of Carter Reeve’s “Bittersweet” on SKIO under the banner of a rehab band I lead called “Temporary Residents”. Yes, that’s right…rehab …haha. I head up the media team in a drug rehabilitation facility in South Africa (where I too was in the program for 6 months of last year) and the band is made up of current residents. We play popular Praise & Worship music and have started to write our own songs now too. We have such a unique spectrum of talent and the sound we have is evolving into something quite rad. I’m dying to tell you wonderful folk all about some cool things that have been happening in my life and the residents here regarding healing from drug abuse, recovery, the joy of music and creativity and also how Ardour has nestled into the story line.

I will save that for another time (if anyone would be interested to hear more) but for now I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Ardour Team for making this amazing software and doing such good work with your gifts of coding and engineering. I lost everything in my addiction except for my life and now with a dodgy old laptop and the rock solid Ardour, I get to rebuild and create again. It’s really quite awesome. I will certainly be a supporter for life.

lots of love, the Temporary Residents

(Mikael Hartzell) #2

Great stuff :slight_smile: I mean the remix, and turning a new page in life also :slight_smile:
Your remix is imho much better than the original song, thanks for sharing.

(Temporary Resident) #3

Thanks for the kind feedback, Mikael :sunglasses: