Remap Aftertouch to Notes

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I have looked far and wide and haven’t really found a good way to remap aftertouch on a specific note to another note. I have a drum module that sends aftertouch for handling the chokes of a cymbal and the program I am trying to control will only accept midi notes as triggers to choke the cymbals. How do I turn an aftertouch event to a different note? I’ve seen this around on forums due to the strangeness of how some drum modules do this. Unfortunately neither the drum module nor the plugin I’m using allow me to change the behavior to fix this so I need a midi event translator to do this.

It should be possible using Robin Gareus’s Midi Event Mapper.

You’ll need to create a midimap file with something like this:

midimap v1
ChanPressure ANY ANY | 0x90/0x0f SAME SAME

I did try this out (as well as lots of other variations) using the MIDI Event Generator plugin to push Channel Pressure events, and the MIDI Monitor to see the output, but I couldn’t get it working.

Perhaps @x42 can suggest what the correct midimap should be?

For your task, you will need to select a specific note rather than “ANY” as well as a note to remap it to instead of “SAME”.



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Checkout my own experience case here.

Hope it helps.

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