REM - What's the frequency, Kenneth?

(Ardour Fa3cv) #1

Another Thingamagig demo. Still looking for people to give it a spin.

There are a couple of new features here:

  1. Pawn shop guitar I covered with AOL CDs back in the 90s.
  2. White “effects” (disco) lights on top of color “wash” looks cool.
  3. The trademark wah-ka-ka-ka-ka guitar sound from this song is done with a volume automation on the guitar track. Check out the session in my github below. Remember, Thingamagig is all live. No post-processing.
  4. Considering getting rid of the “frontman” lighting altogether. In this video, I just pointed the “wash” at myself.
  5. Getting better on vocals. Compression helps. Monitoring helps. This is still a bit out of my (frustratingly limited) range.

Thingamagig is my Ardour-based lighting and effects project. It standardizes everything (levels, MIDI, lighting, tones, etc) so that, if your computer is configured to Thingamagig, all you have to do is download the session, plugin in your guitar and mic, and press play.

No pedals. No amps. No external equipment. Just a guitar (and lights if you want them).

This and more sessions here:

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(Saam R Sany) #2

thanks for sharing these. I don’t do anything live anymore so Thingamagig doesn’t have much use for me personally, but it seems really powerful!


(Ardour Fa3cv) #3

Thingamagig is for jamming at home, primarily. Hmmm… maybe the name is confusing. Doh!

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