relocate gain-automation?

I use Ardour now for some times and also worked with other DAW. May I didn’t find this function yet, so I ask here:

Is there an easy way to relocate the gain-automation which is on the track bound?

(I realized that it is possible in the region to; now I know. This manual , which helped me says no.)

What I really would like to be able to do: grab more than one volume-dot at a time, get it marked and then drag and drop them - for example with a marked region; or copy the curve to another segment, where I want to use the same automation. I know that it is possible in Steinbergs Cubase/Nuendo. Is there something like that in Ardour?

@medienauditiv: regular edit operations work with automation. just be in object mouse mode. drag a rectangle to select multiple points, then use Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v to cut,copy,paste, or drag on one of the points to move them all.

Further work has been done by Carl in Ardour3 to help with this as well IIRC, however obviously A3 is not yet released.


thanks for answering. I use Ubuntu 9.10. and the Ardour2-version from the repositiories: v2.8.2. There it doesn’t seem to work. But maybe that’s only because it’s not up-to-date. Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid comes soon and with that a newer version…

EDIT: I updated now to the v2.8.6 - but still the same result.
@Paul: i use the finger-icon and then drag a rectangular around the dots on the fader-track; this works all right, they change into green; but if i drag something, they just keep in place - and if I try to move one of them, only this one is moved and not the others :frowning:
@seablade: when is ardour3 released? And english is not my mothertongue, so I hope I understand your sentence right; I googled the iirc…
EDIT2: it somehow seem to work; but only, if I give a startpoint at the fader-automation-track and then paste. I can move the marked points (after dragging the line in between) in amplitude, but not in time. When I cut (crtl+x) some automation points and a region and I paste, only the region appears again. With a dot in the fader-space, also only the curve is pasted and appears again.