Reload audio regions


I usually used Jack + MIDI to synchronize Ardour with Hydrogen but for now, I’m using a Mac and I’m not able to do that anymore (or I don’t know how).
As workaround, I just export the drum tracks from Hydrogen and import them on Ardour.
I often have to change them so the audio regions aren’t up to date anymore at each export.

Is there a way to fully reload all audio regions? I know at some point, rebuilding the peaks kind of worked but it doesn’t seem the case anymore.

Thanks a lot.

So this is one of the rare occurances where Embedding vs Importing the audio file makes sense. This is not the default and requires some work, but essentially Ardour will link the file where it sits, tell it not to compy the file to the session folder, and then as you update the file it will be udpated when Ardour plays. The catch is the peak files don’t always update so on occasion you might need to delete the peak files so that visually it updates, but the audio played from disk should update.

The really big catch to this is it takes away the portability of your session, linked files are referenced by absolute paths, so even if part of your session folder, the links may break when moving between systems and have to be pointed at the files again in the source files tab. Or if not part of your session folder, you will need ot make sure you move those with your session folder as well.


i remember suggesting something like:

  1. right click on the region (on timeline or in region list)
  2. ‘replace/swap region’

no doubt that someone might benefit a lot from this instead going manually and changing/replacing files

scenario: i get mastering track or stems for mixing, i mix it, and other party decides to change arranger-wise some parts… ofc i could import, but if i sliced region at some points (and did some volume changes alt+6/7) it would be a lot easier just to swap audio region - while preserving non-destructive edits…

Hello guys, thanks for replying!

After spending some time, here’s some feedbacks.

@seablade : Good idea but I didn’t find any option to do that. In the end, the question about portability turned this idea down to me.

@dspasic : Seems like this features has disappeared. I wasn’t able to find it but I think it might have existed at some point.

My current workaround is to export my Hydrogen track in a single stereo track and just doing a cleanup + peak rebuild, then, extend the track and it kinda works. Or simply close/reopen the project since extending the track after rebuilding the peaks just makes Ardour crash. I don’t know why…

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