Religare #1 | The Broken God

This is my newest song. All made in ARDOUR!


Hi @Ric_Sensever,

I like it! Lot of stuff going on. Think the vocal mix is better than last one, too. Like the mix in of the spoken/whisper stuff with the vocals. Keep on rockin’!

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Thanks!! Ye, I’m trying to improve my vocals. Every time I’m recording it I remember yours suggestions :wink: I hope I won’t disappoint you :smiley: …I’m still learning (always learning).

Hi, like it much too!

Background music is well mixed, i like the intro guitar sound, reminds me of metalica.

Your voice is nice, although I would have mixed it less loud, more in the music, but that is a taste question :wink:

Plus your lyrics mean something, so well done there.

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Thanks!! It’s very encouraging to know you like it! About the voice: thank you for your advice. I’m always fighting with my vocals… Looking for the best way to perform it and to mix it in my music. Sometimes I think if I’m the right vocalist to my work.
Cheers from Brasil!

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Great song and lyrics! Well performed, mixed well and great singing! My only observation is the drums sound a little ‘boxy’… I’d like to hear a little more high end in the cymbals and hats and more crispness and presence in the snare…

Please note I’m not a metal connoisseur and in general I don’t really understand metal drum sounds… :thinking: But in any case I think the drums need some ‘air’.

Great job!


Thanks! Really thanks! :slight_smile: I liked “I don’t really understand metal drum sounds”! Yes, each genre have it’s characteristics and I don’t know if I’m right here cause I’m not an specialist on metal… I like a bit of all styles. What genre of music do you listen?
Well, I’m appreciate your advice! Thinking about.

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Well, I said I was thinking about your considerations about the drums … And I discovered some reasons: in addition to my inability, I understood that the size of my room was influencing this “boxy” sound. And the drums I used (I added samples in ton and the floor) is a Nagano Garage Concert GIG (a “small” drums). I will need more experience in the mix to get a better sound. Your tips were valuable! Thank you so much for this. Cheers from Brasil!

I’m digging the stereo panning of the instruments and guitars specifically. It Gives it space. I also dig the double vocals you’re doing. Layering on top of each other, a cleaner singing with a darker growl below it. It’s great :smiley:
I agree with @GMaq the drums sound a bit boxed, (but also, I don’t know metal, so I may be offering poor thoughts for the genre) but I feel like they need more presence–The snare and toms mostly – they sound like they’re heavy in the muddy mids, and could use an EQ bump up on both their high and low ends. Just to give them more presence.

But again, I don’t know metal, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Sounding great though. Really digging the guitars.

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Hey, really thanks! I’m working in the next song and I’ll take your advice to improve my drums. Maybe little boost eq in the highs, a bit of saturation (snare, tons and cymblas)… Again, thank you!

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Oh, I almost forgot: I’ll take more care when I’m capturing/recording the tons. That’s was my weakest point last time. I hope to improve next song :wink:

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Nice track! I liked the intro with the clean guitars in particular, which gave me some strong Heroes del Silencio vibes (and yes, I know it’s not Spanish :grin:)

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Thanks! :smiley: Uou, in my ignorance I don’t know Heroes del Silencio! I’ll search about it. Gracias for your comment!!