Release Plans for Ardour 3.0

Smurf, I am pretty sure the SMART TOOL is already in A3.


Thank you for the reply…I have seen most of those videos…but I was more interested to see new videos discussing the new features that were added A3.

Additionally I wanted to share this video that I found on the net that I think is a very good video:

Rony P.

@josander: Dream Studio 10.04 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 and has a realtime kernel, both with and without PAE.

I for one am happy to hear of a solid plan. I do have a question for ya Paul…

Mixbus has some “pro tool” features in 2.2, like the “Smart Tool”, etc. Will there feature set make it into A3?

@josander - various of the LV2 updates (repeatedly) broke compatibility with some of the (very) early versions of my plugins, typically causing the GUI not to display. However, the latest plugin releases on the linuxDSP site and the pre-compiled ardour package(s) should be fine (I hope we’ve now reached some kind of stable point in LV2’s evolution, and I very much hope that plugin API compatibility with existing versions will be thoroughly assured / tested before the first official A3 release).

Paul, this is great news. Keep up the great work. I keep searching for videos on Youtube for Ardour…maybe the release of Version 3 will spark that.

Thank you,
Rony P.

Awesome sauce.

“Audio software users are notorious for their use of out of date versions of their favorite software, generally defended on the grounds that “I know it works (and what is broken)”.”

A comment: I’m usually an early adopter when it comes to new technology and software, but I’m very glad that you are careful and conservative regarding this matter.

If something bad happens during mixing, then it will normally be OK and everything will be as expected when you start the DAW again. But if something goes wrong during recording or when one or more people are in a creative mood, then a crash might bee no less than a catastrophe. Every bright moment a musician, composer or a producer might have can be killed totally because of a crash. Music is a right brain hemisphere business as as such, any external interruption or anything unexpected that require attention might kill a golden moment or the workflow.

So if predictability can be excepted every time you do something new, then I think that many people gladly jump on the wagon and try new stuff even in the music business. But in general it happens to often that things brake after upgrade, I have now for example “upgraded” to Ubuntu LTS 12.04 from 10.04 on the same HW. This means that I because of several reasons don’t have a working real time kernel anymore and some of my LV2 plugins don’t have the nice GUI anymore. You don’t want that kind of trouble when working with music, you will in general want your instruments and tools to work flawlessly year after year.

It’s great to hear you have made this decision, though I hope you find a way round the problem! Very much looking forward to the proper release, as I’ve had such a great time uses the betas.

You know, Cubase and Studio One use a plan that has .5 releases. Basically, they give some new features and functionality on a small scale for the .0 releases, then expand on those features in the .5 release. Might be worth a little thought. Anyways, the beta is great!

Good news and a wise decision! Keep it rolling :wink:

Thanks the great efforts that have been put into Ardour 3.0! This sounds like an excellent plan…

@antonvdh: maybe just a little more than users of ableton live, who have been waiting how long for Live 9 without any release schedule (though it is now released)?

Ardour users must have a lot of patience
waiting for more than 3 years for 1 version !!
Want more donations maybe it’s smart to make a release schedule?

I think it’s no comparison Paul but you get it yourself Live 9 will be released first quarter of 2013 .
Ardour won’t even tell which year it will be released.
Takes Years.

@antondvh: until about 6 weeks ago, there was no release date for Live 9. That followed a period of years without a release date. So I think that the comparison is entirely valid.

Ardour 3 will also be released first quarter of 2013.

@ antonvdh have you really donated all these millions of dollars to ardour that you re now so embarrassed about the release schedule? your complaining i.m.o. does not make any constructive sense.

I am not complaining just want to see an open schedule.
Until now, no specific date announced.
please do not make the comparison with ableton or any other program

I think this is a good start:
Ardour 3 will also be released first quarter of 2013

Harrison mixbus new version also depends on the release of Ardour 3.

Positive of Ardour is that it has existed for years and is still being developed.

Thanks for the answer and the great work

greetings and happy new year

I hope Paul is going give a year end keynote.
I always like reading that.

When’s the next Ardour3 (beta6??) release coming out? Do I need to put something in my synaptic repositories to get it?