Reisub - an album made entirely with code [livecoding]

Hi everyone, introducing REISUB from CrashServer, a french livecoding duo. This album is made using lines of code, transforming computer language into music.

To compose, record and mix this album we only used open source Linux software like Ardour 6.5 (of course), SuperCollider, FoxDot, Carla and Calf, Lsp, Dragonfly, eq10q, x42 plugins.

“REISUB” wanders into electro, noise, glitch and ambient music and deep into IDM territories. It narrates Crash Server’s fight against an alienating server, questions our link to the digital world.

you can listen freely on our bandcamp or on streaming platforms :

Good crash !


This is very cool, congrats !

I didn’t know about SuperCollider and FoxDot, can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

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Super powerful and cool!

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Thanks @Zelv & @cooltehno for your feedback
Supercollider is the audio server of many livecoding language, it is quite powerful in sound design. FoxDot is python-based and allows you to quickly compose. There are many other languages ​​like sonicpi (the most ready to play) and tidal (big community).