Regions Won't Move


I was just working with a snapshot of drum samples which worked fine.
Then I saved a new snapshot. (then opened it)
Cut the original regions.
Cleared location markers.
Dragged in some new samples which created new regions.

Now I can’t move the regions freely.

I can only swap regions. (when I drag one it will swap positions with another)
Grid is off.
Regions are not locked.

Any help?

Thank you. It was actually “splice edit” mode that was accidentally selected.

You have probably accidentally entered “Lock Edit” mode (see the combo selector at the left of the toolbar). A future version of Ardour will no longer feature the key binding (“1”) that makes it too easy to get into this mode by accident.

I’m sorry to bring this post up. But I had the same problem.
Maybe would be useful if the selector of types of editing would become red when not in slide edit, or when you try to move a region and not in slide edit, the selector would blink in red.

Or of course we should RTFM lol