Regions, sources and Snapshots

How can I pass regions and sources through snapshots?
It would be very useful and would make sense.
Today I edited a sound with many regions, then I joined them, and I need it in other snapshot. I didn’t find other way than bounce it, but it’s destructive.

any way to do that?

I think what you are asking is, can you import one session (or snapshot) into another? And the short answer to that is no, your best bet is to bounce it at that point.

There was work at one point to allow it, but at this time I do not believe you can do this.

Only sources and regions: I think they should be common to all snapshots of same session.

Bouncing is not a solution if I want to preserve the compound parts.

It is more complex, but the short answer is that snapshots don’t currently work like that.

A snapshot is literally a ‘snapshot’ of the session file at that exact point in time. So anything you do after you leave that snapshot, it unrelated to that snapshot. It is almost exactly the same as doing a ‘save as’ while referencing the same folder structure instead of creating a new folder structure.

That being said, it could be worth considering separating regions/source lists from the session, but that is a LOT to consider and a lot of workflows that it could affect so needs a lot of thought I think.


Ok I understand it involves a lot of considerations. And that snapshots are just supposed to be… snapshots. I use them sometimes as forks, for example when I work on a project for two (or more) different purposes (long version-short version, different timings and treatments…).

In this particular case, I had to load and continue to work on a quite old version of a complex project, because I destroyed the edition of hundreds of regions resizing them all when I wanted to resize just one (because all after playhead was selected), and noticed long time after (after more than the 20 actions in undo-redo memory, which number I increased considerably after that…).
So I needed to import the new material from that broken session to the older.

I finally bounced them. I know where the soundfiles are recorded in Ardour, but maybe for a new user it may not be very obvious to search in this long path (session dir → interchange → sessionName → audiofiles, and search among a lot of …%L %R files). The advantage on export is there is no need to “copy file in session” and thus use double of the filesize on the drive.

Still, it could be a good idea to have a shared list of sources.

Thank you for your help!

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