Regions mess up when cutting them

I reported this bug one year ago in the bug tracker but I don’t have the impression that it’s getting squashed. So I thought I try it here.
When recording on two grouped tracks (e.g. stereo) and cutting the regions, Ardour forgets which regions of the track 1 belong to which regions of track 2. So it can happen that Ardour activates three regions of the lower track when I click one region on the upper track.
On this screen cast I made, this thing happens around 0:30.

With this bug I can not work with ardour and have to switch to another DAW, sorry.

There’s no public beta of Ardour6 just yet, and we’re yet to wade through the tracker and update issues.
That being said this was likely fixed already (see comments on the issue tracker).

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Thanks Robin for your comment. I will try if the problem persists with a nightly ardour6 build.

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