Regions disappeared from the workspace

Hi all,

yesterday I opened an Ardour project with about 100 tracks and i can’t see any region: they were still in the project but not visualized in the workspace! It was as if I had deleted them from the workspace, cancelled them… but i’m sure i didn’t do that and that nobody else did!
The only regions i could visualize in the workspace was the tracks I recorded the day before yesterday, when I used a different soundcard from all the other tracks of the project.
So I start thinking it could be a sort of bug or something wrong with some session file, like the .xml or other.

Does anybody came into this problem in his experience with Ardour?

And does the region’s file has a sort of protool’s “time stamp” information on it, so I can relocate them in the correct position of the timeline, somehow??

Thanks in advance.

If you hit play, do you hear the regions?

I am wondering if this might just be a graphical bug of some sort or not.


no, i can’t hear anything. seems to be not a grafical error, other projects behave correctly and if i relocate the region in the workspace i can see and hear them.

If that helps, the day I recorded my last tracks on that project i had to kill the ardour process from the terminal and restarted it several times (4 o 5 in an evening) , maybe because of the great number of tracks and plugins going together at the same time.

Could it have damnaged some part of the xml file or other session files somehow?

Could have, the only way to proceed would be to look at the various XML files, including the .bak files to see if any of them have the info and it is just corrupted somehow, or if it is truly gone.


Forget some info… i’m running Ubuntu 11.10 64bit with kxstudio repositories, kernel 3.0.0-16-generic.

Yes. this is the link.

As you can see the regions are still present (on the right column) but no more visualized on the workspace (“out zoomed” for the photo).
My fear is that i will have to relocate them in the correct place of the workspace, one by one. There’re more or less 100 tracks in that project (my mistake!) …