Regions disappear while deleting other ones


(I’m not quite sure if this is called “Region”? I mean the recorded objects, which can be moved, cutted and so on)

I’ve recorded some drumtracks and while I record the other people, sometimes (not everytime) when I delete a bad take, a existing track dissapears.

Nothing but the desired track was marked, and it’s quite random.
I have to undo and try until is works. Lucky there’s a way to find deleted things in the pool (the thing on the right (?) ).

Do you “freeze” the completed tracks ?


sorry: this is ardour 2.3

99.9% certainly fixed in later versions. 2.3 is now “very” old. shame on distros for not catching up faster.

Hello Paul,
thank you for your response,
i’m a little shy with compiling on my own, because there were a lot of unsolved depencies when i tried to compile a tiny little program in the past.

But i think i’ll give it a try, but i’ll wait 'till the end of the recordings.


Not sure if this is applicable… but I almost always “lock” the region sections I don’t want edited/deleted. A good example of when this occurs is when you highlight a certain amount of region that overlaps another region on the same track. If you simply press delete… both sections are removed. However, if you lock one of them, then that one remains in-tact post delete.