Regions cannot be deleted any longer ?

I have the latest SVN version of the 2.x ongoing (3447). I noticed that regions can no longer be deleted but only in a special context. It happens after I recorded in a punch range. Once the recording is done, just try to delete ANY region in ANY track by highlighting it and pressing the delete key or just try to cut it with ctrl-x. Impossible. If I quit ardour and reopen the session, it is OK again. Does anyone face the same thing ?

Not here (svn3447). works, works, context menu -> edit -> cut works. Guess from now on you’ll be recording keepers only :slight_smile:

ach! we’ll see … :slight_smile:

I got “plagued” a few more times by this. But it seems more like the keyboard gets disabled. Any key press, whether for deleting, slicing, etc, becomes ineffective. But this is not systematic and not all key presses are disabled. I don’t get it …

is your editor window focused/in the top?
i don’t think that it is a case, but just to go sure…


yes because I can still use the mouse on it, and some key actions still work, but it looks like those dealing with region modifications (slicing, dragging, removing, etc) are disabled.

thorgal, have you noticed that the keybindings list changed in last times again and again?

I haven’t noticed any particular changes. If so, they seem to be transparent in my work flow. I don’t think it has to do with my issue here. What happens is not systematic but when it happens, it is always after I finished a recording within a punch range. I don’t know what it is exactly. Is it after I delete the punch range markers ? I don’t think so but I cannot even say it’s this or that since when I try to repeat the issue, it is not reproducible. It is rather intermittent (about 1 / 10+ times, quite random). And again, closing and reopening the session eliminates what I would call the “region freeze” issue.