Regions and tape mode

I’m writing you because i’ve started to record a file with ardour on Ubuntu Feisty but a question came to me in order to get things easier: is it a way to delete .wav files of the regions(placed into interchange/projectname/audiofiles) which are used no more in the track? In other words, I forgot to select “tape mode” for my tracks and now I’ve got a lot of files which where only attemps to get the final record I own right now; is there a way to delete them only with an internal ardour command instead looking out the no-more-used-file name, going to the folder where regions are saved, delete all the files u need no more(which is quite long)?

thank you
(I hope u understand)

You should not use tape mode unless you really, really understand what it is for and what it implies.

hi, i think that you are looking for ‘cleanup unused sources’ feature?

go to ‘menu-session-cleanup-cleanup unused sources’.
on the next restart of the session, the option ‘flush wastebasket’ will be available to you.

hope that helps?!


thank you a lot i didn’t catch it in the manual…now it’s ok