Region splitting moves subsequent audio forward

I’m trying to tidy up a recording by splitting (with the S shortcut) a region and dragging the ends to remove the amp noise between phrases.

It was working okay for a while, but now when I split, the audio after the split point moves forward on the timeline (weirdly, by exactly three beats). This was really obvious because the gap in the music vanished as the waveform moved. It’s not just visual, it affects the actual audio as well.

A region later on on the timeline had the audio jump forward a tiny amount, much less than a beat so I only spotted the slight movement of the waveform out of the corner of my eye.

This is all in slide mode and only pressing S to split. Using 7.4 from here.

I don’t think I’ve accidentally changed a mode by knocking a key and it seems strange behaviour anyway, so I’m guess this is a bug, right? I couldn’t see anything similar in Mantis. If it is a bug, I’ll add it.

Could it be to do with the snap setting?

It occurred with snap on or off.

But even so, surely splitting a region should only split it (with the snap constraining or not where the split occurs), not split and cause the later audio to move?

I recently encountered this “unwanted” behaviour of regions.
This had to do with: Region - Position - Glue to Bars and Beats . It looks like it’s ticked by default.
And it occurs only after a tempo change.
I haven’t dug into this stuff yet to find out what it does precisely and how to control it. But it’s pretty annoying that if you trim a region it’s shifted along the timeline.
I never encountered this before, maybe something changed in 7.4. Again, I haven’t taken the time to find out yet.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be behind the issues I’m having.

I made a whole load of edits without any problems, but later on on the timeline I experienced it despite there being no tempo changes between the successful edits and the unsuccessful ones (only much later on are there any tempo changes).

Just to be sure, I unchecked the glue to bars/beats options, yet the problem persisted.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

The second is taken after merely pressing S to split the region and has not only removed the section of noise but some notes as well. It doesn’t matter whether snap is engaged or not, the same happens and it moves the audio by a whole number of beats (the playing is still in time with the grid).

Since you mention there are tempo changes in the session, maybe that’s a clue to where possibly the problem is. In this video of my session with a tempo change in it somewhere you can see the difference between glue ticked or unticked. It looks a bit the same as you’re screenshots.

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