Region move or delete not doing what I expect

Just recently the behaviour when moving or deleting a region seems to have changed.

Now instead of leaving a hole in the timeline all subsequent regions move with the region I’m moving or if I’m deleting get moved backwards to fill the gap.

I’d like to get it back to how it used to be which is if I deleted a region then it would create a hole in the timeline.

I hope that makes sense.

I’ve searched the forum and read through what I think are all the relevant sections of the manual - I feel sure this is going to be a simple check box in the preferences or something and that when I know the solution I’m sure I’ll kick myself because it should be really obvious so sorry in advance if I’m taking people’s time over nothing.

Thanks all


You have ripple editing enabled.

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Thanks so much - I can’t tell you how grateful for your reply and as predicted I do feel stupid that it’s such a simple thing that I really should know about.

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