Region -> MIDI -> Deinterlace into Layers not working properly

I am unable to get De-interlace into Layers to function properly. Reading the
Ardour Manual, it sounds like it takes a multi-channel MIDI file, and separates the channels. If that it what it is supposed to do, I am unable to make it work in Windows 10. I was getting an error, and it would crash. I was able to replicate the error several times. An error box showing “Programming Error : Failed to Add source to source-list.” would appear. If I close the error window with the ‘X’ on the window frame of the error box, Ardour does not crash, otherwise, clicking the reply button (whatever it said, I don’t recall) , it crashes straight to desktop.
I am using the release version of 7.5.

Is it possible to install the dbg version and keep the release version installed on win 10 ?

Suggestions ?

This also crashes the Linux Ardour 7.5 with the same fatal error.

Is there anything I can do to help debug this? It fails on Win10 and Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Same error.

Have you filed a bug report yet?

Yes. It also affects MixBuss-9 32C latest

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