Region linking

When recording on multiple tracks it would be convenient that regions created at same take would be locked together so that they could be moved as one.
Of course this is possible after multiple select of regions but it would be convenient and safer by default linking. This is default behavior on “the other DAW” (I hate to say this).
Please correct me if it is implemented other way.
Hope I make myself clear.

The simplest approach is to put the tracks affected into a group, and have it share the “Selection” property. Regions considered “equivalent” across the group will automatically be selected together, and will thus move together.

We are not convinced that doing this without the explicit act of grouping is the optimal behaviour, regardless of what other DAWs do. There’s no inherent reason to always move an entire take as one.

Yes I found that approach and it pretty well does the same. Of course the linking is and should be always removable if so needed. But think of editing a band session consisting say a 16-20 tracks and lot of takes of same song. Now editing those takes would require putting all of the tracks in the same “edit” group. Doable, but takes some mouse clicking.

Just did a fast test… the group must be created before recording to be effective that way… or what?

You can click & drag in the ‘Groups’ tab of either the editor or mixer window to either create a new group, or extend an existing group to include more tracks: you don’t have to add each track to the group individually. Right-click on a group in the group tab to change its properties, and left-click to quickly disable/enable the group.

You don’t need to group the tracks before recording, though I usually do because then I can group the ‘Record enable’ property too, which saves even more clicking. has more.

If you want to work with regions which were recorded at different times, you might want to change the setting for ‘Regions in active edit groups are edited together:’ in Preferences|Editor to ‘whenever they overlap’.

Thanks for clarifying. I noticed too that if a region was shortened before grouping it jumps out of “selection” and needs to be ctrl+clicked to get selected with others. That was my confusion on previous post.

The rules for “region equivalence” are fairly simple: they must all describe audio at the same offset in their respective audio files, they must all have the same the position and they must all have the same length. If you edit any of them so that these are no longer true, then they will no longer be considered equivalent, and selection will not propagate to them as it propagates across the track.