Region Gain envelope versus Gain automation

I’m a very new user of Ardour, but am very impressed so far.

What are the differences between implementing gain changes in a track via the region gain envelope versus automation? One difference I noticed is that automation seems to lock the mixer fader for the track, while the gain envelope approach allows the envelope to be scaled by the track fader. Are there other differences I haven’t noticed?

Also, can an existing gain envelope (or automation profile) be copied from one region/track to another?

thanks for any help,


They are just two different gain stages. The gain envelope affects the gain of the signal coming from the “diskstream” to the track, so it is effectively “pre-pre-fader” gain. The gain automation affects the tracks’ gain, which is between “pre-fader” and “post-fader” redirects (meaning plugins, sends, inserts, etc.).

Also, a gain envelope is attached to the region, not the track. This means that moving the region keeps the gain envelope static with the signal in the region.

Simply put: gain envelopes affect the gain of the region, gain automation affects the gain of the track / bus.

Automation can be copied using the range tool. Gain envelopes can’t be copied. At least yet.

does the gain envelope still exist? somehow i cant find it , although i remember using it a long time ago…
i want to upper the general gain to add later a (fader) gain automation on top…

It does. Right click on the region and make the envelope visible and active. Then use the gain tool to drag it around.

perfect thanks! guess i need some sleep to prevent me from asking more stupid questions… :wink: